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9 Sugar Cookie Holiday Recipes

Sugar cookies. It doesn't get better. TRULY.
9 Sugar Cookie Holiday Recipes

Does it get more classic than a sugar cookie?


I will admit to going on a sugar cookie bender at Disneyland a few years back (they are AH-MAZING!) where I had to take a break for a little while, but I've moved on from that. I'm right back where I started and that is in deep love with everything sugar cookies.

So if you share my passion for the buttery, sugary goodness that a sugar cookie brings to your palette, keep reading for 9 Sugar Cookie Holiday Recipes that will keep your holiday guests going back for more.


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Ginger Sugar Cookies from Cake Duchess

Chewy Sugar Cookies from Add a Pinch

Citrus Sugar Cookies from Martha Stewart

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Candy Cane Sugar Cookie Bars from Real Mom Kitchen

Sugar, sugar!

Sugar Cookie Madness

Quick Desserts

Sugar Cookie Bars Recipe


7 MORE Sugar Cookie Recipes

7 MORE Holiday Sugar Cookie Recipes

MORE sugar cookie recipes? Bring it!

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