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9 Halloween Cupcake Treats

Rock the class party at your school with these 9 Halloween Cupcake Recipes!
9 Halloween Cupcake Treats

Cupcakes are AMAZING.

They're cute, creative, sometimes just what you need for a little perk up and also portion control. It doesn't get much better.

As Halloween approaches and the treat sign-up sheet for the class Halloween bash is being passed around the drop-off lane at school, jump on that list with enthusiasm because your dessert will rock the Halloween haunted house. Keep reading for recipes for 9 Halloween Cupcake Treats. Festive, delicious, and we won't even tell if you eat more than one. Or two. Enjoy!

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Easy Halloween Ghost Carrot Cupcakes from The Cupcake Daily Blog

Candy Corn Push Pop Halloween Cupcakes from Crafts Unleashed

Candy Corn Cupcakes from The Comfort of Cooking

Sweet Little Ghost Cupcakes from DIY with Heather's Help

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