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9 Best Birthday Party Venues In Las Vegas

Hello out there! We had better be thanking our lucky stars that our weather in Las Vegas has been gorgeous!
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Let’s look at some of the best birthday party venues in Vegas!

Gotta start with one of my fave places and that’s Kids Play Cafe in Henderson! A lovely place for the kids to play and the food is fresh and wholesome and totally de-lish-us! They have some great packages to choose from and owner Aimee is a doll! I wrote about them in my 7 Things for Kids to do in Las Vegas post!

BounceU just on the border of Henderson and Las Vegas is this wacky little place that my kid LOVES! We’ve been several times and the kids love it! The party attendants are sweet and helpful and make the birthday kid feel SO amazing! And, talk about activity! All three times we have been, he’s fallen asleep on the way home! LOL! There are slides and bounce-y things and climbing and dancing galore. And, they have a dedicated room for your party. Perfect birthday party venue! 

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Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix  go carts for kids and adults! Plus a great arcade, this is definitely a fun place for all ages not just kids! They have a dedicated party room and plenty of food to choose from…but who can think about food when you can race in a go kart?! Super fun, outdoor activity! 

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We just attended a party at My Gym Henderson (right by the District and Green Valley Ranch!) and had an absolute ball!  The kids were lead through series of games and activities that were so much fun, the squeals of laughter were all you needed to hear to know what a great choice My Gym is! I think the mini rapel was the fave amongst the kids…

Hey! Why not bring the party to YOU? Maybe you live near a great park or you just want to have a party at home…Here are some of the great vendors who have graced our neighborhood parties and made them even more wonderful!

I don’t know what it is but my kid (and since there is always a long line) many other kids just love the Tumble Bus! Basic gymnastics inside of a bus! With an instructor and with all the hanging upside down, it’s no wonder they love it!

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I love animals so much  and when the kids are up close and personal with them, it is nothing but sweetness. The animals are obviously well taken care of and loved and my son mentions every time we see them that he is going to have a big house full of animals! Petting Zoo 2 U is sure to please.

Another neighborhood favorite is the Zip Line presented by Las Vegas Rock Crawlers. They offer many services and fun outings like hiking.

Celebrate Kids is a one stop shopping full event company with everything from face painting to characters and bounce houses! They are always upbeat and fun and a great deal to our events.

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