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6 Creative Ways to Introduce Texture into Your Lounge

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Most people, when asked about home design, will tell you that the most important elements in any interior scheme are color and patterns. But in today’s neutral and monochrome interior styles, texture plays an equally important role. Texture adds dimension and can be used to play elements off one another, keeping a space from looking flat or sterile.

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Here are some of our favorite ideas about creating texture in your lounge or living space, put together in conjunction with La-Z-Boy, who have been making comfortable furniture for your lounge for over 70 years, and are continually adding new, innovative design ideas to their collection in a range of hides and fabrics.

Go organic

If you are a fan of the cozy look, plush fabrics such as chenille and wool, wood floors or furniture, natural fibers and woven rugs will create lots of interesting textures. Think fluffy cushions, shaggy rugs, wooden walls or picture frames, and woven or rattan pieces of furniture, with wall art and drapes to complete your look.

Keep it clean

If you prefer a sleek, clean look to your lounge area, texture can still play a big part. Consider using metallic, glass, and lacquer, or check out some of the shiny new wallpaper collections that are all the rage at the moment. Combine with materials to create a different feel, such as fine, soft materials for a feminine look and rugged weaves for a more masculine feel.

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It’s all an illusion

Texture doesn’t have to be real. Many new laminate floors mimic the look and feel of roughly hewn planks of wood, or can look like polished concrete, at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. The same goes for wallpapers, which can include patterns, textures or even give you a complete optical illusion through clever use of a picture panel.

Make a statement

Introducing texture can be great, but you don’t want to let it become overpowering, especially in a smaller area. Find one or two important focal points and turn them into statement pieces, and match the rest of the décor to these. A comfortable recliner or sofa in a wonderful, tactile fabric or sleek leather can be a great starting point.

Keep it natural

Natural is in at the moment. You can achieve this look by keeping your room industrial looking, with exposed brick walls and utilitarian furniture, but if you don’t want to go quite that far, think of adding some plants. Plants can be soft and lush or spiky and strong, and can give an instant makeover to your lounge without breaking the bank.

Color me beautiful

Texture can be at its most effective when used in a monochrome environment. Using different textures in similar tones of one color can create an intimate environment while going for various shades and textures of white or other neutral shades can look inviting and elegant.

If the above tips have inspired you to add some texture to your lounge, where should you start? The experts at La-Z-Boy say that, just like a work of art, each decorating project starts with one key visual and forms from there. As the sofa or lounge suite is often the largest item in a room, it can set the wheels in motion for all your decorating decisions.

The style and size of your lounge suite can help guide other furniture choices, while the upholstery fabric or leather provides the perfect starting point for your design scheme.

Start by looking in magazines, on websites or in shops to see what you like, and continue building your scheme from there. Before you know it, you will be reclining in a gorgeous lounge full of style and texture, and wondering why you didn’t do this years ago!


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