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11 Things in 2011- Carina's Update

Check up on my 11 Things in 2011 goals. As for painting my bedroom, it's DONE! The pink is gone! My bedroom is now the most beautiful steely navy blue!
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Editor's Note: We were asked to pick 11 items or resolutions to get done in 2011 and this is how it's going. How is your list?

navy bedroom

1. Have a Baby - DOING!

I'm still expecting a baby. This is the mulligan on my list.

Navy paint on my pink walls

Navy paint on my pink walls

2. Paint My Bedroom - DONE!

The pink is gone! My bedroom is now the most beautiful steely navy blue! My sister and her husband donated their labor to get most of the room done. I need to go back in and do the touch-ups (because I'm, uhm, a little anal about painting finish work.) It was early February and the fumes were so bad, my husband and I slept on the sectional downstairs for one night. The bonus? He stayed on the sectional and I got to sleep in my room for two nights with the windows wide open to the freezing air. It was sublime. I love breathing in fresh mountain air. I'm married to Delicate McFlorida who can't handle that kind of cold, so I relished the chance.

My Unfinished Dining Room Table

My Unfinished Dining Room Table

3. Finish my Dining Room Table

My unfinished dining room table is still unfinished, but I have the perfect excuse! I can't actually finish it until it's warm and dry enough that I can drag the table outside to do the work. So stop looking at me funny, OK?

4. Honest to Goodness Wardrobe Change-outs - DONE

I put away all my regular clothes in favor of my maternity wardrobe. I switched out the kids' clothes and filled their closets with only the items that fit.

5. So Help Me, Clear Off My Desk--DONE and NEEDS TO BE DONE AGAIN.

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6. Mending Clothes - DONE

Remember my 7-year-old’s pants that were for single use only? I patched several pairs of pants! Sewed leather shapes onto his knees and it's bought us another couple months.

7. Potty Train my Three-Year-Old

I don't want to talk about this.

8. Start Some Seeds

I am conflicted. Can I really plant a brand new garden and have a baby right in the middle of it all? I don't know if I can do the upkeep although I really want the herbs and produce. I need either some encouragement or a reality check, help me out, peeps.

9. Plant those Plants

See above.

10. Get The Pumpkin Off My Porch - DONE!

It, uh, melted into the grass.

11. Watch More TV - DONE!

I watched more TV and I may watch some more!


My Unfinished Dining Room Table

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