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10 Ways to Hide Packages From Your Kids

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The downside to the copious online shopping I do in an effort to streamline Christmas and holiday gift-giving, is that I am receiving packages all the time.

Do you know who loves boxes and packages? My kids. It's like they've never wanted anything more in their entire lives than what is currently in that box. So let's talk handling your packages (no, you stop it) so that your kids are non-the-wiser. I've come up with 10 ways to hide packages from kids.

  1. Ship to grandma's house. This one is easy. Have your orders sent to grandma or grandpa's house.
  2. Swap order shipments with a friend. It's a lot easier to convince your kids they can't open a package if it's addressed to someone else. You send your orders to her house, she sends hers to yours.
  3. Intercept that package! Meet the Postman/UPS/FedEx dude before they get to your house and squirrel that package away before the kids notice.
  4. Have it delivered to work. Send your packages to work, if that's allowed, or check with your spouse's work to see if you can have them sent there.
  5. Have your packages held. If you have particularly devious and determined children, don't even let your packages get into the house, have them delivered as "pick up" to the post office or UPS Store.
  6. Refuse to open any packages. Don't allow your kids to see you open a package, just make it disappear as soon as you can.
  7. Open the boring packages. In an alternate idea, open every package that you know contains something boring so they'll leave the rest of the packages alone.
  8. Wrap the packages immediately. If you don't need to access the contents of the box, consider wrapping the package immediately and stashing it under the tree. This is particularly good if your family are used to dummy presents under the tree for the looks. For best results, wrap a few empty boxes with your kids so they don't get any ideas about what's under the tree.
  9. Just flat out refuse to discuss the packages. Maybe this is old fashioned, but simply ignore any pleas, needling, and inquiries like "WHAT'S IN THAT BOX, MOMMY?"
  10. In plain sight. Kids, like grownups, aren't always aware of their surroundings and sometimes you can hide things right under their noses. Move those packages to the garage, or other storage area and pay them no mind. You'll be surprised how the kids, or even your spouse, can walk around and not see these presents in the open!

So those are my best ideas on hiding orders and packages from your kids this holiday.

What are your brilliant ideas?

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