Science Says THIS Common Practice Will Kill You Faster Than Smoking

We've NEVER seen something as pronounced and objective as this.
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Remember the days when you wanted to get a doctor’s note excusing you from (insert embarrassing middle school physical activity here)? Well, science is now telling us that we should be clamoring for prescriptions from our doctors declaring the opposite. Read: WE NEED ALL THE EXERCISE WE CAN GET.

Okay, sounds obvious. But according to this new study—and by new, I mean one that has been in progress for nearly 30 years, studying thousands upon thousands of participants—leading a sedentary lifestyle is worse for your health than having hypertension, diabetes, or being a smoker.

*Cough, cough*


We are literally more likely to keel over early from not exercising regularly, than we are if we are presently battling diabetes.

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Researchers also said that people who performed poorly in their treadmill-based fitness tests had twice the risk of death than someone with kidney failure on dialysis. DID YOU READ THAT?? Kidney failure is better for your health than consistently sitting on your couch.

Ready to go running yet?

Good, because the study also disproved previous theories about ultra-fit athletes being at higher risk of death from “overdoing it.” These doctor-scientist pros say there’s no such thing.

> There actually is no ceiling for the benefit of exercise. -Dr. Wael Jaber, Cardiologist

*Gets on soapbox*

So, get up. NOW. Living a sedentary lifestyle is literally killing us and it. is. PREVENTABLE. Take time to be outside every day. Go for a walk. Take the stairs. Jump rope with your kids. Join a mommy fitness group. Whatever it takes to get you to MOVE EVERY DAY.

Do it, and the researchers say it can increase your chances of a longer, healthier life by 390%.

And lest you think the winds of science will change on this one:

> We've never seen something as pronounced as this and as objective as this. -Dr. Wael Jaber, Cardiologist

See you at the gym, my friend.