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Lunette Cup Review

I was hesitant to write a review about something as intimate as a menstrual cup.
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I have to admit, the idea seriously freaked me out. I was nervous about actually using it, cleaning it, and most of all, telling all you readers about it. Now that I’ve tried it, I will honestly never go back to pads or tampons again! I mean, who are we kidding? The whole world knows that we menstruate so why do we hide it or get embarrassed? I’m excited to share this with other women since our periods are not something we look forward to. I want you all to know how much easier my periods are and help someone actually win one 🙂 Contest ends 6/3/2012

I stopped using tampons some time ago and was using pads for a while because of very irregular menstrual cycles. After having two children, my periods have become more consistent and heavier and my PMS symptoms have turned me into this monster that my husband hides from. This little cup has made my life so much easier and here’s where you can WIN one :

Here’s a little rundown of what the Lunette Cup is exactly: The Lunette menstrual cup is made in Finland and is a clean alternative to pads and tampons. If you’re wondering what type of safety standards are being followed, check it out here. Using a Lunette is similar to using a tampon but with less changing. They come in two sizes and I’ve been told that you can use either one. Apparently size one is softer than size two and would work good for light days or those with a low cervix or sensitive bladder. It is made of medical-grade silicone, not rubber or latex, and you can just wash it and reuse. You fold it up and insert it like you would a tampon and it opens up once inside. I used a C fold but there are many others and you can view them here.

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Folding methods

It has a flat tab at the bottom that you can use to grasp when removing or you can cut and remove the tab completely if too long or not needed. Unlike tampons and pads, it does not absorb moisture or make you sweat…wonderful! Cleaning it is a breeze because is doesn’t absorb moisture and there are no crevices where anything can get caught, it rinses off so easily.

Why use a menstrual cup?

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For starters, I cloth diaper my baby and am familiar with the love of never going to the store to purchase disposables again. The benefits greatly outweigh the extra 2 or 3 loads of laundry that I do a week. I have heard comments from others that cloth diapering is more work or that it’s gross. I have to disagree! It’s different than what we’re used to (which is rolling up our waste and throwing it in the garbage, which is where it shouldn’t go). As I found with cloth diapering, a menstrual cup is something wonderful but it takes getting used to. After one day of using it, I totally got used to it. It may take others longer, but it is very worth it. The insertion is probably what I was most afraid of. It took a little practice and so did the removal but once I got it down, I went out for a jog and also a bike ride and it was like I didn’t have a period at all! My period also seemed shorter and I felt cleaner. TRUE!!!

Safer and Healthier- Tampons can leave fibers in your body and dry out your membranes and pads absorb moisture and is a wonderful breeding ground for bacteria which can create all sorts of icky things like yeast infections and odors. There also have been no reported cases of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) in connection with the use of menstrual cups. Something my mom totally scared me with when I was in my teens.

Economical- We spend about $48 – 84 per year on disposable tampons and pads. The Lunette is a one-time cost that will last for years and you can find one from this local mommy at Happy Cotton Tails. They sell my favorite natural living products and cloth diapers 🙂

Environmental- Yes, it’s a green thing. Like disposable diapers; all of our pads, tampons, wrappers, and plastic applicators are accumulating somewhere in our landfills. They don’t disappear when we throw them in the trash.

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I was very excited on my first day trying the Lunette cup, but I was nervous too. I had to remove it the first time and try again because I could feel that it was positioned incorrectly. After my first time emptying it, I found it much easier to insert each time. I have a size two cup and it is pretty firm so that made me a little nervous but once I got it in, I couldn’t feel a thing! I will be reviewing a size one in a couple weeks and I’m curious to see how that works out but I figured since I’ve had two vaginal deliveries, the size two would be a better fit. My periods are very heavy the first three days and I found that I needed to empty it about every 4 – 5 hours or I would start spotting a little. I was told that the spotting could be from placing it too high so the lip of the cup may not so maybe I need position it lower and cut the tab shorter. Emptying it every 4 hours during my heavy days eliminated this problem. After the first couple days, I was going hours forgetting that I even had a period. Imagine that.When you’re ready to empty the cup, it helps to relax your vaginal muscles and you remove similar to a tampon. Pinching the bottom of the cup helps to break the seal of the lip, which is a little like suction and I found that removing at an angle worked best for me. Then just empty cup into the toilet, rinse the cup and replace. There is no mess, no odor, no worries.

In conclusion, I give this cup two thumbs up! I absolutely loved it and I hope every woman gives it a try. Well, what better way to try it out than to win one for free! Click here and enter to WIN:Honey Bump Maternity. I’m usingwww.rafflecopterfor this drawing and cannot embed it in this post so please head over to theHoney Bump Blogand enter 😀


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