Lunette Cup Giveaway and Review Part 2

This review is for the Lunette menstrual cup comparing the sizes one and two.
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To see my full review of the Lunette Cup click HERE. To enter for a chance to win your very own Lunette cup, click HERE to get to the Honey Bump Blog and enter through rafflecopter. Contest will end 8/17/2012…good luck!

In short, the Lunette is a silicon cup made in Finland and is a clean alternative to pads and tampons. If you’re wondering what type of safety standards are being followed, check it out here. Using a Lunette is similar to using a tampon but with less changing. It is made of  medical-grade silicone, not rubber or latex, and you can just wash it and reuse. You fold it up and insert it like you would a tampon and it opens up once inside.

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A size one is recommended for women who have not given birth vaginally. It also works for women with sensitive bladders and/0r a low cervix and during light days. I have been told that if you have had a vaginal birth, it’s possible to use both sizes. Since I’ve had two vaginal births, I wanted to test this out so during  my last cycle I only used the size one throughout my entire cycle.

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It’s easy to see the difference between size one and size two and I was concerned that the size one was too small and I would have to change very frequently on my heavy days. I was right about changing more frequently, although it was still less than changing pads or tampons.  The amount of liquid that the size one holds is a little less than the size two so I was changing often during the first two days of my menstrual cycle. I also had a little leaking during the first two nights and I think this was due to my heavy flow and the fact that I was lying instead of standing. I had no leak problems at night with the size two.

The size one is considerably softer and more flexible than the size two so it was easier to fold and insert. The one thing that was a little more difficult with the size one was the removal of the cup. Because it is smaller, the bottom of the cup is higher up which meant I had to pull the tab to move it a little further down when trying to grasp it to break the seal. I believe this is why the tab is longer (which you can cut to adjust the length if needed)

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In conclusion, I would prefer to use the size one during my heavy days and the size two during my light days. If I had to pick one, because I’ve had vaginal deliveries and have a heavy flow for a good number of days, I would choose the size two. It just seems more hassle free for me, and I’m all for that!

Here’s the fun part. To enter for a chance to win your very own Lunette cup, click HERE to get to my Honey Bump Blog and enter through rafflecopter. Contest will end 8/17/2012…good luck!

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