Getting rid of the mommy pooch with transverse abdominal workout

If you’ve been pregnant then you may be very familiar with the mommy pooch.
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The little bulge on your lower belly that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many crunches you do. Even with Madonna-like arms and legs like Mia Hamm, you may find that your stomach still looks 5 months pregnant! During pregnancy, your stomach muscles tend to separate to create room for baby to grow and they some times need help in getting back to their pre-pregnancy state. This is known as diastasis recti abdominis or DRA.

Performing the wrong ab exercises or even the right ones without the proper form can cause the separation of these muscles to become even greater! Of course you want to consult your doctor to determine if exercise is safe for you, after you have recovered from delivery.

The most under-worked abdominal area is the transverse abdominal muscles. These muscles act as a corset or girdle to pull your waistline in and give you stability and they are extremely important. As much as I have looked, I have not found too many workouts that target this area but the ones that I have found get them really good! Here are links to some great transverse abdominal exercises so enjoy!

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