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Flying at Flywheel Stadium Cycling

There was a moment in time, somewhere around May, when I thought summer had arrived.
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Birds were chirping, sun was shining and there was a light breeze in the air.  Well, that was a short glimmer of hope.  Since then, we have had a handful of sunny days and inches of rain.  At this point, I would do anything to spice up my workout routine.

Just the other day, I got a phone call from one of my best friends wondering if I wanted to try out a new spin class at Flywheel Staduim Cycling.  As I pondered trying out yet another indoor workout class, it occurred to me that this city is full of just about every indoor workout class known to man.  Was this going to be just another class with a mediocre teacher, lame music and barely a sweat?  If so, I knew it would not be in my Ironman training program.

So, I decided to give it a try.

Before setting foot in the gym, first things are first, I needed to set up my own personal online profile.  Once I was set up, I reserved a seat in my desired class and requested that I use a pair of spinning specific shoes that they provide.  Check and check.  I was ready to go.  Now it was time to check this gym out.

Flywheel Sports is located on Westlake Ave, in the heart of South Lake Union.  You can’t miss it!  When I grabbed for the big front door and swung it open, a workout oasis was waiting right in front of me.  This is what I call, heaven.  I was immediately directed to a wall of laptops where I signed in for my class.   Right below the laptops, I looked in my cubby and the spinning specific shoes that I reserved were waiting for me.  At this point, I pretty much felt like a red carpet was rolled out for me and that within moments I would be sipping champagne when I was thirsty.

I threw my stuff into a locker, popped on my shoes and went off to class.  As I walked into the spin stadium I was surrounded by spin bikes.  The atmosphere was calm, cool and high tech.  I have not seen anything like this.  Immediately I was met by an employee who escorted me to my bike and helped me make the appropriate adjustments so my ride would be the most comfortable.  These bikes were first class.  There was a dial that they called “Torq” which adjusts the resistance with a quick turn.  Next to the torq dial was a monitor that displayed torq, speed, cadence and power.  This is the closest to having a power tap in a gym spin class.  Awesome!

The instructor came in, hopped on the bike and we were off.  Low torq, high cadence.  High torq, low cadence.  Up and down the hills.  Sprints.  You name it, we were sweating like pigs.

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Here is where the fun comes in.  During specific instructor selected sections of the workout, they would turn on the torq board (which is a big flat screen tv).  It populates the names of all of the participants in the class and how much power they are pushing during the specific section.  For example, throughout the class we did a few different sprints.  1 for 90 seconds, 1 for 60 seconds and 1 for 30 seconds.  For those of you, like me, who have the competitive drive, you will spin your heart out to make sure your name is at the TOP of that board!  Before you know it, the class is over and there is sweat everywhere.   Moments after the class is finished, you get an email saying your workout performance stats are uploaded to your online profile and ready for your viewing.  Which look a little like this:

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Flywheel is unlike any gym in Seattle and is currently my go to spot for a little spice in my workout routine.  If you are looking for a high intensity workout, I highly recommend this gym.  Let me break it down….


– Your first ride is free!

– Marky Mark said it best “It’s gunna make you sweat ’til you bleed” 

– Music is inspiring, upbeat, familiar and instructors may even sing a long

– Instructor Tommy pushes you and then pushes you a little more (it’s love)

– Bobby pins and hair ties available in case you forget

– Entire facility is impeccably clean

– Showers available on site and stocked with Paul Mitchell shampoo/conditioner, Dove body wash and Cetaphil facial cleanser

– Class statistics are available through your online profile

– Ability to reserve your seat

– Clip in bike shoes provided on site

– Staff is eager and willing to help make adjustments to your bike so it fits just right

– Instructor will publish the “Torq” board during the class to show who is working hard and who is hardly working

– Competition is fierce and you are allowed the ability to kick your own butt


– It is expensive!  ($25 for a 45 min ride*)

– If you are not “tech savvy” it may be a little overwhelming at first

– There is a line for the shower after a big class gets out

– Statistics are based on an average 145-165 lb adult and are not 100% accurate for those outside of that range

– No daycare available

– Must pay for street parking in South Lake Union (before 7am and Sundays are free)

– If you do not make it to the class you are charged a $25 fee

The pros in this case outweigh the cons, which keeps me coming back for more.  For those living on the eastside, a new location is opening in Bellevue this fall.  I am looking forward to buy a series of classes come winter time.  For now, I am going once a week and continuing to pray for sunshine so that I can get outside and pound the pavement.  Besides football season, I have something else to look forward to!

Take good care and be well mamas!

* Packages are available.  See online or visit the location for further details.


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