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What's the difference between Coronavirus, flu, and cold symptoms?

An infographic that explains it all!

Coronavirus mania is in full swing in our community. Our state has implemented a social distancing protocol for the next two weeks. Schools are starting to close, group activities are canceled, professional sports are done for.

Meanwhile, symptoms of all kinds are abundant. Spring allergies, the common cold, kids with fevers, stomach bugs, and the fear of Coronavirus are spreading fast. 

As a parent, how can you tell the difference? Here's an infographic to help you sort it out!

Corona Virus Symptoms Infographic

Stay healthy out there!


It's Beginning to look a lot like Flu Season

Its that time of year again. Christmas trees lay in abandoned heaps at the curb. “50% Off All Holiday Items” signs sprout up in store windows. And the hum of “Jingle Bells” gives way to the unmistakable, undeniable sound of… sneezing.

What can I do when my child gets a cold?

For most healthy children, a cold is caused by a virus, not bacteria, so the only “cure” for the common cold is watchful waiting, fluids and TLC. But kids feel terrible when they are sick with bad colds, and parents want to help- but what’s a parent to do now that all the cold medicines have been recalled and regulated?