Concerts Are Good For You (And Your Kids Too) Promise!

So do yourself a favor. Next time a friend calls and asks you to a concert -- SAY YES.
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We recently wrote a post claiming "Scientific Proof That A Beyonce Concert Could Literally Change Your Life". Like, going to concerts can literally make you LIVE LONGER.

Participants in this particular study showed an increase of mental stimulation by 75%, which seems pretty obvious to me. You can’t watch a 90-minute Beyoncé dance party without some serious neurons firing. But the coolest part was that the participants actually increased in closeness to others and self-worth by an extra 25%, too. I’m not sure why or how, but I can get on board with anything that makes me realize how awesome I am by that large a degree.

We interviewed Laurie Berkner on the Today's Mama Podcast. People Magazine calls her "The QUEEN of Children's Music". We agree. She's the queen of our playlists too! During the interview we talked about anxiety and we talked about the magic of performing and how anxiety melts away when you are in the moment like that. We also talked about the moments when magic fills the room -- that stuff that's good for your soul.

Check it out:

So do yourself a favor. Next time a friend calls and asks you to a concert -- SAY YES. Now go the extra mile, look at who's coming to town and buy yourself a ticket to something SOON! Even better? Find something the whole family can enjoy and GET THERE! I'm counting down the weeks until our local symphony does their annual Harry Potter performance (and so are my kids).

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BONUS: Laurie is on tour. You can check out when and where HERE. If she's stopping in a town near you GET THERE TOO!

Full Podcast Interview

Here are all the places you can listen to our full podcast interview with Laurie:

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