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Body Logic Spray Tan Service In Tomball, Texas

Ahhh the smell of Spring…wait a second that’s me and the smell of my new Body Logic spray on tan!
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Being a mom takes pretty much all your time!  Who has time to tan?  Between graduations, parties and the upcoming summer fun the last thing you want to worry about is looking and feeling your absolute best.  Why not get a Body Logic Spray Tan?  Not only does a Body Logic Spray Tan hide your flaws but it also maximizes your assets and can make you feel so good.  Bonus — it takes only  5 minutes and boom you’re lookin’ so fabulous!

I decided to get a group of gals together to have Brittany from Body Logic Spray Tan come to my house and spray us all.  It was super fun and all 5 of us looked really amazing after.  I’m not just saying that.  Our tans look natural, not orange.  We were not sticky or oily.  I admit I was uber nervous to do this.  I thought it would be awkward stripped down to my minimals having someone who I don’t know get all up in my business with a spraying device, but it was really not too shabby.  Brittany is totally awesome.  Brittany is the owner of Body Logic Spray Tan and she’s also the type of person you wish you were friends with because she is so stinking cute!  The initial jitters dissipated and all that was left was my new brown-ish hue.  I so would recommend this to…. well….ANYONE!  I am not someone who tans.  To be honest I don’t tan…as in my body was not made to be a bronze goddess.  Body Logic Spray Tan is my new bff for summer.  Here’s a before and after pic.  I wore a top with strings so that everyone can see my new ‘tan lines’…

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Here’s what Brittany, the owner of Body Logic, had to say:

At the beginning of September 2012 I started this endeavor on the side of my normal day to day job.  I was invited to a co-worker’s house for a mobile spray tan party…needless to say I was smitten immediately and the following day spent hours/days/weeks doing as much research as I could to learn more about airbrush/spray tanning and what it entailed to get started.  Thanks to my loving (and patient) husband I was able to use him (and myself) as a guinea pigs to research bunches of different tanning solutions to find the perfect fit for not only what I thought was the best but what I felt would provide the most natural and believable glow imaginable, while at the same time not feeling sticky or gross on the skin while it developed.  After a few months I started to gain more clients and have been steadily growing over the past year and a half thanks to word of mouth as well as regularly posting on my facebook page to attempt to get the word out as much as possible.  I have several groups of cheerleaders that I spray on a regular basis as well as my weekly clientele that keep me going every day.  I truly do love the fact that in only 5 minutes I can make a person feel pretty, confident, and vibrant after a simple spray tan.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.  CALL/TEXT: 713-306-8958


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