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5 Steps In Overcoming Addiction

5 Steps in Overcoming Addiction
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My husband is in law enforcement and is passionate about working with those who have addiction to help them in the difficult journey of changing their lives. He wrote the following article… Enjoy!

We all have a loved one or our self might struggle with some type of addiction. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, food, pornography, pride, etc., “addiction” is a nasty all consuming state of being that robs us of our inner peace and true happiness. I have come up with these 5 steps (The 5 “A’s”) which will help us in our journey of overcoming any addiction.

1.Admit to yourself that there is a problem: All too often we experience at least some level of denial in our lives. It is easier to cast blame and responsibility on our circumstances or on the shoulders of someone else. Looking in the mirror and acknowledging you are mortal and as a result flawed is the first pertinent step.

2.Accept help from others: After a self admission of your addiction it is necessary to ask and accept help from others. You can’t, nor should you expect to do it alone. There are those out there who can help! Whether that person or persons come in the form of a family member, probation officer, ecclesiastical leader, therapist, etc., there are resources and people available to help. You can’t nor should you expect to do it alone!

3.Acknowledge your successes and learn from your slip-ups: Once you have admitted your addiction and have accepted help you will begin to see varying levels of success which will most certainly be followed by a relapse. RELAPSE IS PART OF RECOVERY. PERIOD. Celebrate and acknowledge your successes no matter how small they may feel. Once a relapse occurs, and it will, you will need to pick yourself up by the proverbial boot straps and get back on the horse and continue the ride.

4.Alter your lifestyle: After you have admitted the addiction, accepted help from others, acknowledged your successes and learned from your slip-ups it is now time to work towards permanently altering your lifestyle. This always comes in the form of replacing the addiction with something else. For example, a smoker may replace cigarettes with chewing gum or exercise or a prideful person may replace selfishness with humility and acts of service.

5.Accept the Atonement of Jesus Christ: After all that we can do as mortals, AND we can do a lot, it is then time to accept and embrace that the ONLY way we can fully change is through Christ Jesus. He is the only one who knows us and I mean truly knows and has the power to heal.