The Dirty Dozen 2017 List: Will You Give Them Your Money?

We’re not talking about fruits and vegetables.
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Here’s a list of the top 12 corporations profiting or facilitating sexual exploitation. Chances are, you are probably giving them your money or time.  The Dirty Dozen 2017 list is an annual project compiled by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.  NCOSA is focused on exposing all forms of sexual exploitation and addressing the public health crisis of pornography. 

Check out to find out what the problems are and what you can do to help. They’ve made real progress with companies like Facebook, Comcast, American Apparel, Hilton, Google, Hyatt, Walmart, Verizon and more. As mothers we can help influence the world our children walk around in. This is a great place to start. 

Who’s on the Dirty Dozen 2017 list?

Oh, just the every day types of businesses that you are probably giving money to and spending time with on the daily. Be sure to click on the link of each of the businesses below to find out why they are on the list and what you can do about it.

Will you give them your money? Will you give them your time? Would you invite them into your home? 

Image placeholder title{The folks behind the Dirty Dozen 2017 list}

At the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, we work for a world where the pornified vision of reality—with its raw, brutal, debasing, hate-filled themes—becomes intolerable to all those who have concern for the well-being of humanity, respect for human dignity, and affirm human rights. We work for a world where human beings are not bought and sold for sex, whether on seedy street corners or via the modern convenience of the Internet. We work for a world free from sexual exploitation in all its forms.

One way we do this is through the annual “Dirty Dozen List,” which names and shames a range of actors who contribute significantly to the normalization of pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking, and other forms of sexual exploitation. The groups, agencies, and businesses named to this list are among the nation’s worst for masquerading as mainstream entities with respectable reputations, while facilitating access to, or pandering and profiting directly from pornography and or prostitution. Others push policy agendas that normalize egregious forms of sexual exploitation. This list ensures that their participation and collusion with the various aspects of the sex trade becomes public knowledge, and equips concerned citizens with information and tools to hold them accountable.

We will continue naming and shaming until these mainstream contributors to the normalization of sexual exploitation no longer stand in allegiance with pornographers, sex traffickers, and sex buyers, and join us in fighting for the right of everyone to live sexploitation free lives.