Pleasant Grove’s Promenade

Have you ever watched an episode of “The Andy Griffith Show”?
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You know, that charming 1960s television program based in the quaint town of Mayberry? I simply adore that show, and I often wish that I could live in that quiet and friendly community with Andy, and Aunt Bea, and Barney Fife. Strolling through Pleasant Grove’s Promenade on a recent Thursday evening gave me just the perfect dose of Mayberry, RFD!

The Promenade (prom-uh-nahd) is held every Thursday evening during the summer from 5:00 p.m. until dark in Historic Downtown Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The Promenade is absolutely brimming with booths offering locally grown fresh produce, homemade crafts, delicious food, and children’s activities. The main stage features live entertainment by local musicians with a variety of up and coming talents showcased each week.

The Thursday evening my husband, daughter, little grandson, and I visited the Promenade, the weather was gorgeous and the booths were buzzing with activity. One of the vendors we met was Nathaniel Castro, a very accomplished cupcake baker who is trying to spread the word about his scrumptious offerings through the Promenade. At only $2 per cupcake, we could not resist going for Nathaniel’s red velvet wonderfulness!

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A delicious pizza from the people who definitely know their way around a wood-fired pizza was just what our hungry appetites needed on this Thursday evening visit! We ordered a four-cheese pizza called the Grande Gusto from Pyromaniacs Pizza, and the wood-fired pizza was baked on the spot in Pyromaniacs Pizza’s mobile oven and delivered to us piping hot. This pizza, with its unique smokey flavor, was well worth its $8 price!

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The live entertainment on stage varies from Thursday to Thursday with singers, dancers, and more showing off their chops, much to the pleasure of a very attentive audience.

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The local Lego League offered a large table filled with robotic Lego creations constructed by its tween-age and teenage members who were enthusiastically demonstrating their creations, much to the delight of adoring Lego fans like my grandson!

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Fresh lemonade and limeade made for the perfect thirst quencher on a warm summer evening. This vendor told me that his limeade  was by far the more popular choice, but my grandson went for a free sample of the tried and true fresh-squeezed lemonade instead. Very tasty!

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 As if the Promenade could not get any folksier, Bruce W. Call, Pleasant Grove’s mayor, spent time in a canopied area where he welcomed city residents to come and have a productive and informative chit-chat session with him, all in the name of creating a wonderful and unified community!

Check out Pleasant Grove’s Promenade before it comes to an end on September 12; I’m sure you’ll walk away feeling like you just had a lovely and charming visit to Utah’s very own version of Mayberry!