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Organ Stop Pizza

We recently had a girl’s night out at a Mesa institution – Organ Stop Pizza.
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Before you start thinking Chuck E. Cheese, think again. This is the home of the mighty Wurlitzer that rises out of floor at show time. The outer walls and ceiling accommodate the various pipes, drums and even puppets that add to each night’s performances. ​

We listened to a Sound of Musicmedley, a couple of Disney classics, and ended with a patriotic selection with a waving flag. There’s also an opportunity to write your questions and song requests and slip them into a box; the organist does his (or her) best to make your night enjoyable and educational.

This is a fun and unique place for groups, families, and even a date night if you’re not looking for a quiet, intimate evening.  It’s pretty challenging to carry on a conversation while the music is playing, but we enjoyed visiting between sets. I’d also reserve some time to get an up close look at the various instruments along the walls – don’t forget to head upstairs too. There’s an innocent looking taxidermy duck that has a party in the Mickey Mouse Club theme song.

The pizza is good. It’s not cheap but reasonably priced. They also have a small salad bar and delicious, hand scooped ice cream. Make sure you go prepared – Organ Stop Pizza only accepts cash. They do have an ATM machine on the premises, just in case.

As the weather warms up, why not take your family to enjoy some great music and yummy pizza?


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Pizza Night

Ever since my husband and I traveled to Italy a short 5 years ago I’ve been on a search, a search for homemade pizza