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My New Favorite Healthy Snack

I’m obsessed with Doctor Kracker Crispbreads.

I know it sounds weird, and I’m sure that today Shannon is sharing some amazing recipe that uses up your Easter candy, but I had to share this.

I found these Doctor Kracker 3-Seed Crispbreads while I was waiting for my turkey at the grocery store deli counter. The package caught my eye because of the 5g protein, 3g fiber, and ZERO grams of sugar info on the front.

Doctor Kracker

Whole grain products are a tricky thing. A lot of delicious whole grain products are also full of sugar. While I love sugar, I don’t love hidden sugar.

I grabbed a box and three weeks later I’m still hooked. I have one of these every day, topped with either Laughing Cow cheese or natural peanut butter.

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Late one night I treated myself to a Doctor Kracker Crispbread slathered in Nutella. WEE!

*No, I wasn’t paid by Doctor Kracker for this post. Isn’t this what the internet is for?! To try new things and tell people about it? But if Doctor Kracker got wind of this post and wanted to feed my cracker-a-day habit, I would not be mad. 

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