Make A Gingerbread House

Need a recipe or pattern to make a gingerbread house? Rather buy a kit and save a few steps? Ever tried small-scale graham cracker houses? Here are a few tips and trick for all skill levels of gingerbread house making.

Last year, my kids decided they wanted a gingerbread teepee, igloo and skyscraper. So, we called Grammy for a recipe and advice to make our custom gingerbread abodes. Our neighbor builds a custom gingerbread home modeled on her house, complete with patchwork quilts from taffy and marbled chocolate floors. Yes, really.

Custom Gingerbread House

After our world tour of houses last year, this year we chose the gingerbread house kits. So did BreAnne. She hosted a gingerbread house making party and built a village of 25 houses! Ready to make a gingerbread house?

Here are the tips and tricks we have to share:

Homemade Style

  • Start early - Have your recipe chilled, baked, cut and cooled (Here's a recipe and pattern to get you started)
  • Pre-assemble the house before your kids notice it gingerbread house day
  • Use soup cans to support your walls as they dry
  • Unwrap the candy and put in small bowls
  • Make small bags of icing and clamp closed with bag clips
  • Delegate sections of the house to each family member - No one will care if the sides of the roof don't match!

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Gingerbread Kit Style

Make a Gingerbread House
  • Use a hot glue gun to attach all the pieces to the base - You weren't going to eat this, right?
  • Save the royal icing for the decorating
  • Assign one person to knead the icing bags
  • Add extra hard candy to customize your house
  • Give each house a unique identifier (the candy cane house, the m&m house, etc.)
Gingerbread House

Whether you make a gingerbread house from a kit, graham crackers or custom build a replica of your own home - finding time to make a gingerbread house with your family is a fun holiday tradition. What are your tips and tricks?

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