Evil Genius Easy Meal Planning With Free Apps

Evil Genius Easy Meal Planning With Free Apps
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Evil Genius–Meal Planning That’s Shamefully Easy

For all the reasons that I love The Todd–and there are many–chief among them is that he cooks and I am not required to think of something to make Every. Single. NIGHT.

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But if you are not so lucky–or forcing your beloved to cook would mean you would all subsist on Cheetos and Nutter Butter cookies, there is help.  Even The Todd got a misty look of gratitude when I handed him this plan.  Not that I’m going to do any of it.  But, you know, it’s handy for him.

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Bin Meals: A Weekly Plan

You’ll need two things to make this work–

1–Seven fairly good-sized bins and an area for them.

2–A simple meal-planning service.  We are partial to Ready, Set, Eat!–it’s a FREE service that has you log in food preferences and dietary restrictions.  It’ll create meal plans for you, assemble the recipes AND scour the Internet for coupons as it creates your shopping list.  Not bad, eh?  Click here to take a look and sign up.  My Grocery Deals is another good, free resource for finding coupons for your local stores.  Click here to see more.

Create your menu plan and shopping list, then when you get home from the store, divide the groceries into the seven bins with all the ingedients for each meal within the bin.  When you’re ready to cook, no milling around trying to figure out what the kids did with the baking soda.