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5 Thanksgiving Designs for Your Instagram Photos

Thanksgiving is almost here! The food, the gathering, the thanks. We can’t wait.

Thanksgiving is almost here! The food, the gathering, the thanks. We can’t wait. One of our favorite things about the holiday is being able to experience everyone else’s Thanksgiving thru photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc! We all know that we’re going to share photos of our dinner, family and prep work all over the internet this Thanksgiving. We have to, it’s too fun not to share the final results of the love that went into the meal and get together. We do it, we love seeing everyone else do it, and it adds to the fun that is Thanksgiving.

Because of all that, we went ahead and pulled 5 favorite thanksgiving designs you can add to your photos this year. All you do is add your photo under the design, then you can share socially!

Add any of these designs to your photos. Just click any of the links below to get started. These designs were made with Studio. Be sure to download the Studio app to your phone - soooo many design options!

5 Photo Designs to Use for Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving


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Happy Thanksgiving!


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