Summer Outdoor Water Play

Throwing the sprinkler out in the yard will only entertain for so long. Here are some outdoor water activities that look fun (and easy)!

We've already played in the sprinkler at least six times. By July the kids will be looking for something else to do, and if I don't provide it they'll getdestructivecreative with the hose and each other.

Summer Water Play

Here are some fun ideas I found around the interwebs.

water balloon pinata

Water Balloon Piñata by Ziggity Zoom


rainbow bubble snake

Rainbow Bubble Snakes by Housing A Forest


water blob fun

How to Make A Water Blob by Ginger Snap Crafts


ice boats for summer

Ice Boats on A Tin Foil River by Reading Confetti


Colored Water Play

Colored Water Play by Teach Preschool


Sponge Bombs

Summer Sponge Bombs by Skip to My Lou


Water Play Area

Water Play Construction Area by "Sun Hats & Wellie Boots"


Washing all of our bikes/scooters/big wheels/skateboards is always a fun time, too!

What's on your hot list for summer water play?

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