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Rock Band Dad: Pin it For Papa Contest from

Your dad deserves a personalized card for Father's Day. And now you can enter to win $50, $100, or $300 in the Pin it For Papa contest!
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My husband is more fun than any other dad out there. Just the other day I walked in from work to find this scene in my living room: a toddler, a Kindergartner, and their dad, playing Rock Band.


The kids are always asking him to "Play rock-n-roll!" and he's the first one on the guitar. He's the dad that takes them to arcades, down to the gas station for Slurpees, and to the movies. They spend their nights goofing around with Legos, soccer, and watching silly web clips. I expect it's because he never truly left childhood behind: what it's like to be in a candy-colored world full of fun and excitement. My kids will always remember his goofy teasing, his encouragement to work hard, and the fun of rough housing together.

He's the world's most fun dad, and that's why I think he deserves the most fun card for Father's Day. I'll be using this year to create a card to send to him. I can add my personal photos, like goofy pictures of the kids, and write a personalized messages that has one of our private jokes. I love even more that will print, stamp, and mail the card for me. 

This year for Father's Day, you can enter's Pin It for Papa Contest! We'll be giving away a $100 Visa gift card to one of our readers. Every week is giving away $50, and there's even a chance to win a $300 grand prize!

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To Enter for the $100 gift card:

For a chance to win the $100 card from and TodaysMama:  Click here for the Rafflecopter giveaway form.

To Enter Pin it For Papa for $50 weekly prizes and the $300 grand prize:

  • Follow's Pinterest page.
  • Repin an image from the Pin it For Papa board that most remins you of the activities you love doing with your dad.
  • Repin as many images as desired for multiple chances to win up to $300 in Visa gift card prizes.
  • Be sure to hashtag your pins and tweets with #PinitforPapa
  • will give away three $50 gift cards, one for each week of the contest, and one grand prize of $300

Good luck!
Official contest rules

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