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McDonald's Chicken is Now Antibiotic Free!

Last week McDonald's announced that they will no longer serve chicken that has been treated with antibiotics also used for human medicine.

McDonald's is always packed with controversy and a side order of extra-large guilt. We don't often frequent the drive through, but when we do I'm filled with anxiety. The headlines that I read online seem to stream through my head and it's as if I've developed microscopic vision and I can detect the tiny mystery microbes in the chicken nuggets.

McDonald's phasing out antibiotics and soda

Last week McDonald's announced that they will no longer serve chicken that has been treated with antibiotics also used for human medicine. Costco made similar announcements.

While many many people will say it's not enough, I'm personally happy to see these steps of progress.

“The decision by McDonald’s, which is also one of the largest buyers of chicken in the United States, is likely to have a major impact on how poultry is raised and on the kinds of chicken restaurants serve,” reports The New York Times.

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“All of the chicken served at McDonald’s in approximately 14,000 U.S. restaurants comes from U.S. farms which are working closely with McDonald’s to implement the new antibiotics policy to the supply chain within the next two years,” states the McDonald’s press release.

I'm optimistic as so many fast-food chains have expanded more nutritious offerings on their menus like milk and fruit. McDonald's has even announced that they will be phasing out soda as an option with kids meals. 

Fast-food is still not the best choice for my family, but I'm encouraged to see big changes and continue to hope for more. (A Whole Food's drive through maybe?)

How much do these changes change your mind? Will you frequent the drive-through any more or less?

Personally, my extra-large side order of guilt might have just been downgraded to a medium fry with a McFlurry.


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