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8 Favorite TV Series for Lazy Summer Nights

After the grill has cooled off, the ice cream eaten, the sticky kids wiped and put to bed, I love lying around with a good run of a good show.

After the grill has cooled off, the ice cream eaten, the sticky kids wiped and put to bed, I love lying around with a good run of a good show. The following are my favorite TV series available on subscription television.

Favorite TV Series

Netflix TV Series


You guys. This is the most beautiful and well written show out there. I didn't jump on the sleek Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce bandwagon until October, and then I watched the first four seasons in two months. Granted, I was laid up with some health problems, but that's still a lot of TV in a short time. Every character is flawed and terrible and wonderful.

mad men


Your conscious will feel so confused when you go from cheering for Mr. White as a good guy to cheering for him as the best worst guy ever. Also when I read about meth busts or see a house that blew up on the news, I totally think they're amateurs.

breaking bad


This show is gross. My husband loves it, and I love him and sort of love the show. There's definitely more to the story line than zombies. It's a fun excuse to sit close and be scared. I recommend watching a fluffy mind cleansing show after the Dead and before bedtime.

The Walking Dead, saison 1


Who knew Jason Bateman would grow up to have such a good comeback career? I just wish the show had continued before Michael Cera grew up and his cuteness wore off.

arrested development

Hulu TV Series


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It's hard to decide if Schmidt or Nick is my favorite character, but this is definitely my favorite show. I just don't understand why TV characters with underpaying jobs always have awesome vintage wardrobes.

the new girl on fox


If you loved Sex & the City and also like corny CW shows, The Carrie Diaries is for you. It's a little heavy on 80'd kitsch and some of the Carrie themes are cute (an early version of her name necklace) while others are annoying (is there always a bitchy girl who doesn't understand our heroine?) but overall is worth the watch.

carrie diaries


I ignored the reviews, which were stellar, and ignored the show. Then on a night with too much laundry to fold I finally clicked on Mindy Kaling's show and laughed out loud. The theme song is annoying. The show is sparkly and hysterical.

the mindy project hot stones

4. GO ON

At first I thought this would be another try at Chandler Bing all grown up, but it's different than that. Matthew Perry does best with an ensemble cast and this is a good one. Ryan King (played by Perry) joins a grief support group and gets more than he bargains for when his counseling melts into his personal and work life. All the characters are weird in the most endearing ways. Anne and Mr. K are my favorites.

go on mr k

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