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Surprise! DNA Test Reveals Bio Dad Is The Clinic Tech

Dealing with the aftermath of the revelations following a DNA test of a child and the crazy story of the convict who is accused of swapping the sample...
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If it were a movie you wouldn't believe it: One family in Salt Lake City is processing what happened after a DNA test revealed that their daughter's biological father isn't the man who raised her.

mother and daughter

The website Your Genetic Genealogist goes into detail about the nightmare of what happened when a family tested their DNA. Their beautiful, talented 21-year-old daughter, who they are calling "Ashley," took the test and learned her DNA does not match her father. In a story you have to read fully to believe, the family figured out that Ashley's biological sperm donor was the fertility technician at the clinic where they'd sought help.

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The fertility technician, Tom Lippert, who was once convicted of kidnapping a woman, keeping her in a box, and subjecting her to electroshock, substituted his own sperm for Ashley's father's during the insemination. Lippert passed away from complications of alcoholism in the 20 years since he worked at the clinic, so he can't answer for his further crimes. Lippert worked at the clinic between 1986-1995, which means it's possible that Ashley has dozens of half-siblings out there, especially in the Salt Lake City Area. That is the true motivation behind the family going public--to ensure that other families who used the same Reproductive Medical Technologie clinic know what went on, so they can also test their children. The family is worried that Ashley could end up dating one of her half-siblings unknowingly.

By all accounts the family is doing well, Ashley has the full support and love of her parents, but what a nightmare. We can't imagine having to process that kind of information, and the utter betrayal of trust that they experienced. We wish the family well.


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