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The One Thing Your Family NEEDS For Christmas {and every other day of the year}

You've been dreaming of this. Literally.

I’m so excited to FINALLY reveal what I wanted to shout from the rooftops! Check out Circle with Disney, the only gift I can basically guarantee won’t give you buyer’s remorse. Yes, it’s that cool.

Every family needs this in their home.

4 {Amazing} Things You Can Do With Circle

Set appropriate filters for EACH DEVICE. Use the pre-designed ones or customize your own

Circle Filters

Track where your family is spending their time online

Circle Insights

Give your devices a BED TIME!

Circle Bedtime

PAUSE the internet! Yes. you. can.

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Circle Pause Feature

Last week {before I knew about Circle} I downloaded 7 different parental control apps on my iPhone to find the right fit for my family. I started making notes about install difficulties, bugs, things I liked and didn't like about the user interfaces. And now there's Circle - and honestly, it does exactly what I want it to - and my whole side by side review of apps is over. {and I'm breathing a big sigh of relief}

The best part? When I showed my 13-year-old what was coming his way, he actually said he thought it was cool. He's excited to track his time . . . and to show me that he doesn't spend as much time as I think he does. Game ON.

Parental Controls App Circle With Disney

Check out what other Circle customers are saying:

As the father of four kids from elementary through college age, I am not exaggerating when I say Circle is EXACTLY the device I have been looking for to control the internet in my house. Circle truly is peace of mind in a little white box. —Wayne Stocks

I have to tell you this has been HUGE for our family. We have teens and being able to see what they are doing on every device is a game changer. —Rebecca Phillips

Circle has literally changed our lives and how our family spends time on the internet. My worries of what my children could be exposed to online has changed overnight by the use of Circle. I can pause the internet anytime making getting chores or homework done much easier these days. —Terra Nyce

Circle makes it easy for me to protect my kids online, monitor usage across all our home’s devices, and create conversations with the entire family. It’s rare that something is simple and effective, but Circle is both. — Michael Lukaszewski

Circle With Disney Logo

* This post contains affiliate links. All of the opinions are my own. I've been vetting various parental controls apps for a couple of weeks and this is truly the best one I've tried!



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