This Character Has Been Hiding In Every Disney Movie Since 1995

He's been there this whole time. Did you ever notice?

He's been there this whole time. Did you ever notice?

Meet Hank, the septopus, who's been making appearances in every Disney movie since 1995.

Meet Hank From Finding Dori

Oh My Disney reported that this secret was so well kept that there are people internally who didn’t even know about Hank’s appearances. Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton admitted:

“Hank started off as a bit of an inside joke between those of us who were here at Pixar in the very beginning, but since then, finding a place for him in our films has become part of our culture. And I’m glad we finally get to introduce him properly to fans.”

"Pixar is known for the hidden gems that appear in its feature films, including the Luxo Ball, the Pizza Planet Truck and A113, which is a nod to the animation classroom at CalArts, where several filmmakers attended. But the octopus—who’s actually a “septopus,” as he’s missing a tentacle—has remained a secret for two decades. "

Have you seen him?

Have You Seen Him? Finding Dory's Hank

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