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5 Reasons to See "He Named Me Malala" With Your Kids

Afraid it’s too heavy? Too scary? Over their heads? 5 important reasons to share this film with your family.

I had the amazing opportunity to screen this film with a group of bloggers in NYC last week at an event we host. We all came out inspired, touched, and empowered. I was grateful that I had the chance to see this film on my own before sharing it with my kids so I would have good background on whether or not it was an appropriate choice for them.

Having said that, of course every family and every child is different so there may be some kids that this film might not be a good fit for. But for my little crew (ages 6-13) it was perfect.

I can barely talk about the film without crying. In fact, I spent the full measure of putting this post together with tears in my eyes.

Here are 5 important reasons to share this film with your family:

You Will ALL Laugh

Afraid it's too heavy? Too scary? This film does a great job of bringing home the reality of what Malala has gone through and balancing it with humor that literally has the entire theatre laughing (even the kids).


You have to see it on the big screen. The images and the illustrations woven throughout the film are breathtaking.

It Will Help Your Kids Be BRAVE

This year my 11-year-old has had to take headlines to school to review with her class. Of course, with the volume of negative news we have in our society, most articles have been scary. She has particularly become concerned about her safety, ISIS, and the horrible things happening in the world.

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I worried that the film would make her more scared, but the voice in the back of my head told me that seeing Malala's bravery and triumph would be the best thing for her. I was right. She held my hand the entire time, but she came out of the film feeling better about the world and her part in it.

In a world where our children are overwhelmed by scary news and active shooter drills in their schools, they need to see that kids can be brave and powerful.

It's an Amazing CULTURAL Lesson

We don't live in the most diverse of cities. I'm sure my kids have associations in their minds with the Middle East and Islam that I probably don't even realize. Culturally I thought it was a beautiful look inside a Muslim home and their culture. The interactions between the siblings are hilarious and illustrate so much common ground.

They Will Be Inspired to Be Better WORLD CITIZENS

I don't think anything could have better illustrated for my children the blessing that they have of obtaining an education and the fact that not all children have access to those opportunities. I truly hope that this one touchpoint will be one of many that helps shape my children into empathetic, empowered, world citizens.

He Named Me Malala

More Information About "He Named Me Malala"

Have you seen it? Please share your review in the comments section!

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