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1/2 Day Trip: Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett

1/2 Day Trip: Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett
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It took me years to get to it, but I’ve finally taken the kids to visit Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett, and I’m in love! With the weather turning colder, this is the perfect place for your little ones to have a great time getting the sillies out.

I’d heard that the museum could get crowded, so we arrived close to the 10:00 am opening time. It did fill up quickly, but it wasn’t so crazy that we couldn’t enjoy ourselves. It’s just wise to keep an extra careful eye on smaller children when transitioning between activity stations, because there are a lot of busy feet.

The museum is enormous, with three floors of activities and a rooftop playground. Everything was clean and in great shape, which I found impressive given the size of the space and the amount of traffic it gets. I thought it would be impossible to take it all in, but my kids were so excited that they sure tried. Exhibits include opportunities for dramatic play in a café, theater and clinic with all sorts of fun props. There are also detailed replicas of a ferry, bus and plane that seemed to be very popular with the little ones.

I loved the creative theme rooms on the main floor of the museum. One was a black light room, with lots of colored plastic shapes for making glow-in-the-dark designs, and large mirror to show kids their own glowing outfits. An entire room dedicated to large electric piano keyboards that you can play with your feet inspired many squeals of delight and attempts at “Chopsticks” by parents who got caught up in the fun.

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As amazing as the indoor exhibits were, I think my girls liked the outdoor playground even more. There’s an enormous play structure, with lots of slides and places to climb, a couple of bouncy jeeps and a great dinosaur exhibit with fake bones that your little ones can “excavate” themselves. An outdoor stage with with marimbas, a steel drum and rubber-top drums was also great fun.

There are also lots of special programs and activities at the museum, including music and science programs and special events like the Harvest Festival. Check the Calendar of Events on the website for upcoming events.

Imagine Children’s Museum

1502 Wall Street

Everett, WA 98201

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