The Cleaning Machine

The Cleaning Machine
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Ever since I had my son two years ago, I have felt like I started cleaning the minute he was born and haven’t stopped since. Now that I have two; I feel all I do is clean, clean, and then clean some more. I now completely get why Carol Brady had Alice.

Let’s start with the laundry. I am constantly doing it and it is never ending. My laundry priority is my newborn (since hers are usually the dirtiest), my two year old, my husband, and then me.  I am known to lose socks (this started right after the birth of my two year old), so I am really working on that with my daughter.  Her socks are a little bit cuter and I vow not to lose hers.  For some reason; all my socks are gone. No idea how this happened and I don’t have the time to care.

The floors.  When my son started crawling; I became obsessed with what was on our floors. Our house is mainly hardwood so it is quite the chore to clean them. I sweep, vacuum, and mop.  It takes a lot of time, energy, and desire to want to do them.  I did get a Shark vacuum that does the job and I am in love with my Method kitchen floor cleaner.

Toys. I pick these up all the time. And I always end up questioning why I do this. Because the minute I do; they go all over the place again.  And to be honest; I am too exhausted at the end of the night to do a major toy clean so I try and pick up toys all day. It’s a never ending battle with the toys and I am usually on the losing end.

Dishes.  This is my easiest to-do.  While pots and pans bug me, I don’t mind doing the dishes at the end of the day. And my son is obsessed with the dishwasher so this usually makes for a fun late afternoon activity for us.

No one ever warned me that motherhood=cleaning ALL THE TIME but it’s okay, I wouldn’t change a thing.  I would have just invested in a better vacuum sooner.