Picture Chore Chart for Non-Readers

Got a kiddo in your house that is ready to tackle a few chores?

Most kids are ready to put their laundry away long before they can actually read the word “laundry”. Our picture chore chart for non-readers is perfect for getting the littlest kids into a routine of helping around the house each day.

We’ve also included a few personal care tasks that might help encourage some independence and self-sufficiency. Tasks such as “brush teeth”, “get dressed”, and “put dirty clothes away”.

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As your child gets older and becomes a reading ninja, we’ve got another printable chore chart for kids that will do nicely. ​

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-Download full size chart in orange/pink or green/blue or black/white.

-Print sheet and cut in half, separating the chart from the chore picture icons.

-Cut out icons and attach to chore chart to map out the child’s daily tasks.

-To customize this chart with your child’s name, just click on the text above “Chore Chart” to insert your text.

There are a few options for using this chart…

-Glue the icons onto the chart circles, place on refrigerator, and move one magnet along the line as each task is completed, letting the magnet rest on the star once all of the tasks have been finished.

-Laminate your icons/chart to allow the child to use a dry erase marker to cross off each task.

-Laminate your icons/chart and use velcro to affix the icons to the chart. Mark off each task with a dry erase marker, or place a magnet on the star when all tasks are completed.



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