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We usually don’t repeat our Featured Blog – that, after all, would take away from the excitement. But on January 16th, Nie is Back! (It doesn’t get more exciting than that.) So in celebration, we’re featuring Stephanie Nielson’s blog, The Nie Nie Dialogues, again. If you aren’t familiar with Stephanie’s story, visit her blog this week to get to know this amazing mother. Welcome back online, Nie!

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Stephanie S 120

2009 Blogger Recap: Stephanie from PR Mama

Stephanie Smirnov from PR Mama bids 2009 a fond farewell by sharing her affection for zombies, The Bloggess and her Droid.

To Sleep, Perchance to Scheme

My wife, Lael, and I had repeatedly been cautioned by our experienced friends to expect severe, relationship-altering sleep loss after the birth of our daughter. The truth was, though, that we looked forward to the challenge.

Tour of Duty

Is there something the matter with me? As a wife? Because here’s the thing: I don’t always like to do my “wifely duty.”

Drive-In Dreams

Remember that little slice of Americana called the drive-in? Well it’s not dead yet.

Learning to Write

Emi is ambivalent. She is five years old, losing her baby-fat and gaining the responsibilities of a kindergartener. At school she loves the thrill of being in "K," though she is anxious over the newness of it all. At home, she revels in her status as an older sibling even as she is bitterly jealous about having to share me with her brother.

Going to the Dark Side

“I’m a grown woman who is not, I repeat, NOT going to be seen by the outside world as simply another mommy, a vanilla suburban parent, even when my kids aren’t with me in a minivan. I’m still cool! Damn it.”


Empathy is a hard thing for a preschooler to understand.

My Gold Medalist

This past Sunday will forever be etched in my daughter’s mind...a day that perfect childhood memories are made of. You see, for the first time ever, Rebecca, who is just learning how to figure skate, took home her very first gold medal at a mini competition at our local skating rink.