We finally went to the Georgia Aquarium!

I’ve mentioned it several times here…
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I feel like a fail Atlantan not exploring the city or surrounding areas as much as I can. Well, this weekend we explored a bit and made a trek back to the Georgia Aquarium. The last time we went was about two years ago and it was high time we visit again since I believe they get new exhibits every 90 days.

We found out through the Smyrna Vinings Macaroni Kid newsletter that there was a special deal being run by the aquarium to get tickets for only $15 each if they were ordered in advance online through this special website. Since general admission tickets are normally $27 each, this is a SUPER deal and really got us excited. That’s the main reason we never go to the aquarium – It costs us $81 just to get through the doors (my youngest daughter is still free admission) and when you add the $10 for parking, we just can’t afford it. But, with the special tickets and pre-paid parking through the website, we got in for only $54!  That is a savings of 34% for you savings nuts out there. That is nothing to sneeze at.

So, we went and we got to see the penguins (which weren’t on exhibit the last time we visited) up close and personal through the crawl tunnel. So. Cool.

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My girls’ favorite exhibit was easily the Beluga Whales. There are two beluga whales (one male, one female) in a huge tank with four little seals. They were so active and kept swimming right up to the glass and showing off how cute and big they are! My girls were in awe and did not want to leave that exhibit for a long time.

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There is also a very cool area of the aquarium called the Ocean Voyager. This is basically where all of the giants of the ocean are housed and my girls were again awestruck at the sight of a Whale Shark. They have been fans of Go Diego Go! since before they could talk and there is one episode where Diego helps a Whale Shark figure out what kind of animal she is. Therefore, my girls are very familiar with whale sharks and their features and they loved seeing two of them up close and personal.

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We also had lunch in the Cafe Aquaria and checked out the small touch pool where they got to touch sea anemones and some sea stars. I basically had two very happy little girls and my hubby and I were thrilled we were able to do it without breaking the bank. My girls each took home souvenirs (which were cheaper than expected in the gift shop) and are in love with their new friends.

If you have kids that like animals and fish, this is definitely a great place to take them on a Saturday afternoon. Just make sure you go here and get the discounted tickets (prepaid parking is 10% cheaper, too) so you can enjoy it without breaking the bank!

All images courtesy of Georgia Aquarium since their pictures are way better than mine.