Washington, DC: Parents Live Here, Too

Howdy, Mamas!
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I’m Bethany Hardy, the new DC Mama parenting blogger, and I’m looking forward to getting to know y’all.

Let’s see … what do you want to know about me?  I cut my teeth working on Capitol Hill in 1998.  After years toiling in the Beltway trenches, including doing media relations for a presidential campaign and helping launch a nonprofit devoted to revitalizing public service, I quit working full-time in 2008 to care for my son, who’s now (gasp) three years old.

Today, I’m a writer, media consultant, and burgeoning social media geek.  I am also guilty of harboring an embarrassing obsession with celebrity gossip.  Sadly, tracking celebs in the nation’s capital is sort of like panning for gold in a sand dune.  Washingtonians wear the badge of “Hollywood for ugly people” with nerdy pride, but it’s pretty pathetic when our biggest non-scandal-related celebrity story amounts to Tom Delay’s short-lived fame on “Dancing With the Stars.”

But I digress.  I’m psyched to be here to share my parenting foibles, observations, and advice.  One of my biggest goals is to make you laugh while you sit there, drinking day-old coffee and picking crusted Spaghetti-o’s out of your hair.  But I promise to be serious, too.

Some of my personal interest areas include infertility (I’m the proud mom of an IVF baby), education and literacy, neurological development, and discipline tips and tricks.  Although I live in the nation’s capital, I’ll probably skip the political talk unless the subject is directly relevant to parents.  (Or unless it’s funny, which politics can certainly be, often without even trying!)

If there are other topics you’d like to hear about, by all means send suggestions my way.