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Over the holidays, I took my kids to Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine.
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Oh, my goodness! You would have thought I was with two kids in a candy store. Their excitement was incredible! It almost felt like, around every turn, was a new adventure, a new part of the sea to explore. From fish that came to check out my daughter through the glass…

…to the sharks swimming around the Ocean Tunnel. I think my boy jumped a couple of times, although I’m sure he wouldn’t admit it.🙂

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The jellyfish were my favorites. I could have watched that tank all day except for the two anxious kids that were ready to see what was next!

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Sea Life Aquarium is a definitely a great place to take the kids! A couple of things that you might find helpful for your visit…

  • Tickets purchased online are a little bit cheaper than buying them at the door.
  • Be sure to grab a Fact Finder card at the front counter. My 9 and 7 year old loved reading the trivia questions throughout the aquarium and finding the answers. Bring your completed card to the gift shop for a little prize!
  • Bring your camera with you. Although some places are a little dark, the Ocean Tunnel is a perfect place to snap some photos. We waited a little bit for the area to clear so I could get photos of just the kids. It was definitely worth the wait and the kids LOVED the view!
  • Plan on spending about an hour at the aquarium.
  • Be sure to let the kids touch the crabs and starfish at the end! There’s hand sanitizer available afterward.
  • There’s also a small jungle gym area that my kids loved getting some energy out on.
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With winter now upon us, Sea Life Aquarium is a perfect outing. Be sure to check out their feed and talk times to get even more out of your experience. With 30 display tanks and more than 5,000 sea creatures, there’s lots to see!

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