Using a Suitcase as Decorative Storage

Using a Suitcase as Decorative Storage
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I have seen tons of crafts that use old vintage suitcases for lots of crafts and decor, but why not use a decent looking modern suitcase for decor instead. I know I don’t have many vintage suitcases lying around. A modern suitcase for storage works great, especially since mine is decorated cutely! We started storing toys in our suitcase.(See Also: How I Decorated my Suitcase)

Using the suitcase as a toy box first happened by accident when I unpacked everything from traveling about a month ago. I left the suitcase out for too long, and the baby decided to put all of his toys in it. I ended up just pushing the suitcase against a wall and I love having it as a toy box. It beats the empty diaper box we were using.

My suitcase is great as decor and storage because it looks nice, and it works great as a toy box. It has worked well because my son can climb in it and around it. He can reach in and get everything, unlike his other toy box that was too deep. He doesn’t fall in it, like he has done with the wicker basket that we keep our shoes in. He can play with the lid, and it’s light so that he doesn’t have any smashed fingers.

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I also love that I don’t have to find more room in our garage now to store an empty suitcase, and when I need it, I just dump the toys on the floor or in a laundry basket, we don’t use either of those when we are out traveling. I hope this gave you some ideas for new ways to store stuff at your house!

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