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Thumbs Up for McKinney’s Al Ruschhaput Park

Last Saturday, we visited the mother of all playgrounds, Al Ruschhaput Park in McKinney.
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Initially, we confused this park for the nearby soccer complex, but we found the correct park easily enough (further down the street).

The park appeared to be new and had many visitors the day we were there. It was hot and muggy, so the splash fountain was a welcome relief for me and our eight year old daughter. Though I had forgotten to bring our daughter’s swimsuit, she still enjoyed running thru the fountain barefoot and guessing if and when she’d get sprayed. The park provided a relaxing atmosphere with good and nearby seating to watch the smiling/ giggling kids play.

When our daughter grew tiresome of the spray fountain, we hopped onto their humongous playscape. The only three drawbacks to this was that the  rules posted stating that the playscape was designed for 5 – 12 year old (not ideal for our two year old), there was a nearby sign along the walking trail that read “beware of snakes” (yikes!), and there were unsupervised neighborhood kids (at least two children were younger than my eight year old).

There was a cool swingset at this park with two interesting swings that I’d not seen before. It appeared to resemble a toddler carseat, so I was perplexed which age level the swing was aimed for. I had a good laugh watching my daughter swing and enjoyed swinging on it too.

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Though this park is quite a bit of a drive for us, we’ll be sure to visit once more with our two year old in tow. Other than the above mentioned drawbacks, I was very pleased that the spray fountain, playscape, and picnic seating were close in proximity helping the parents keep a close eye on kids (hopefully preventing common dangers).