Theodore Roosevelt Island: An Escape From the City.

I once planned a company service project at Theodore Roosevelt Island for Earth Day.
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It turned out to be invasive plant removal, and consequently, the last service project I would ever be in charge of planning for that company. However, the island continues to be a place I love coming to. It’s a little escape from the busy city, while still being so close to home.

Recently an old friend came back for a visit, and Theodore Roosevelt Island was one of her must do’s. I can’t wait to go back again soon.

Here are a few things I love about Theodore Roosevelt Island:

  • It’s rarely crowded, if ever. In the hour and a half we were there, we saw maybe 10 people. All runners. No tourists.
  • It’s easy to get to. A short walk from the Rosslyn Metro Station, or by driving and taking advantage of the free parking there.
  • It’s unlike most other DC area attractions. There are more than two miles of walking trails, with plenty of room for kids to explore. You will not feel like you are a stone’s throw away from Georgetown.
  • It’s cooler on Theodore Roosevelt Island. The tree cover and being near the water makes the hot days seem bearable.

I should mention if you do plan to go, there are a couple things to keep in mind. Like bringing bug spray. I tend to forget about things like that when I’m surrounded with more concrete and asphalt than grass or trees. Parts of the walking paths are also not easy terrain for most strollers—you’ll want to break out the jogging stroller or baby carrier if you’ve got one. The mulch can be hard to get through at points.

I think around the end of October, it will also be a beautiful place to watch the trees change color if you don’t have time for Skyline Drive.

The Details:

  • Theodore Roosevelt Island is a National Memorial and part of the George Washington Memorial Parkway.
  • The island is open year round from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and free to the public.
  • Bicycling is not permitted on the island. A bike rack is available in the parking lot. Pets are permitted, but must be on a 6′ leash or shorter.
  • The island is located just off the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Virginia. You can access it by car only from the northbound lanes, just past the Roosevelt Bridge. Rosslyn Metro Station is the nearest stop.