The Queen Creek Olive Mill Tour

The Queen Creek Olive Mill Tour
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My sister and I headed to the Queen Creek Olive Mill with the baby the other day to do something that we have never done before, even though we live close– we went and took the tour at the Queen Creek Olive Mill. The Olive Mill is a cute little place, although I wouldn’t call it little anymore. They recently expanded their dining room and shopping area, and it seems huge in comparison now.

Right as we opened the car door we heard a train horn- the train goes really close to The Queen Creek Olive Mill and the baby was so excited to see the train, so we ran out to the other side of the trees to go see it. Everyone else was looking at us like we were crazy.

The tours at the Olive Mill are $5 per person and they take you into the pressing room and show you all of the equipment. We went on a Thursday early afternoon and made it for their last tour. In the summertime they are less crowded and we were the only ones on the tour. Our tour guide said it was a good thing that we came on Thursday because she gives the best tours.

We learned some neat information about how they get olive oil and what makes extra virgin olive oil so special. She showed us the rakes that they used to harvest the olives, and let the baby try to entertain himself with one. They were about ready to put him in the garden and get some work out of him. I was really interested the entire time, but for my sister the fun part was tasting the different stuffed olives at the end of the tour. The baby liked them too!

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The shop was neat as well, they have everything under the sun made from olives — whether it’s their special blends of extra virgin olive oil or lip balm. I bought some of the olive oil and a pump to spray olive oil instead of using those canned non-stick cooking sprays.

We didn’t get anything for lunch this time, but I have bought food there in the past. I really enjoy their paninis, and each dish comes with a selection of olives to try. We did have gelato, and I’ll tell you, the small one looks small but it is filling! My sister got a small Salted Caramel Gelato and shared a few bites with me and a few with the baby and still had a hard time finishing it.

I would recommend going to the Queen Creek Olive Mill, they have a great tour, great food, and it’s supporting a local business. Things are a little pricey for someone as thrifty as me, but it is well worth the price, you get what you pay for! I would also recommend going on a week day, on off hours. It tends to be a very popular place as soon as the weather cools down and we get all of our winter visitors.

Check out The Queen Creek Olive Mill’s website, and see what deals and events they have going on now!

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