The “Munster Mansion” in Waxahachie

This weekend will be the busiest for local haunted houses.
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Teens and adults, flocking to be scared senseless by a horror masquerade. Let’s tone it down a bit and find some fun for both parents and kids a like. Remember the hit television show “The Munsters”?  How would you and your children actually like to see the “Munster Mansion”?

The Munster Mansion is alive and well in Waxahachie. Although the show only ran from 1964-1966, the love of the  Munster family and their fabulous mansion will live on forever. So loved, that a local couple, Charles and Sandra McKee, have recreated the entire mansion, built it from ground up, and actually live in it now.

There were no blueprints to this famed television home. The McKee’s watched all 70 episodes repeatedly until they could draw the exact layout of the house. This incredible feat took over two years to build and they are constantly adding items to continue to finish the look. The exterior is not the only feature that looks the same, the interior is also painstakingly designed to scale.

Curious for a peek inside this haunting manor? Do they really have a trap door under the stairs? Once a year, around Halloween time, the McKee’s generously open their home for tours by hosting a charity event. Tickets must be purchased by cash at the gate and all profits go to the charity of their choice.

The address to this fantastic home is not publicly posted. You must email the owners to obtain the address. There is no public parking and the road is stated to be “dangerous”. Guests are welcome to drive by during the year and are allowed to take pictures from the outside of their gates. If the gates happen to be open, please do not venture in as it is the McKee’s private home.

Many of the cast of the original Munster’s show have visited the McKee’s home. We all remember Eddie Munster who was played by Butch Patrick. He has visited the Munster Mansion several times and was a guest at the Halloween Event in 2012, and in 2002 along with Al Lewis, who played Grandpa. Marilyn Munster, played by Pat Priest, visited their Halloween Event in 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007.

Check their website for next year’s Munster Mansion tour dates and make it part of your annual Halloween tradition! You never know which “real” Munster might show up! (Note: Charles and Sandra are always Herman and Lily!)

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