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The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn Amphitheatre

My four year old and I had one of our best dates EVER last weekend at the Tuacahn Amphitheatre in Ivins, Utah.
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Disney’s Broadway version of The Little Mermaid is playing there through October 21st and we give it four thumbs (and fingers and toes) way up.

This is the first production of the show since it ended its Broadway run in 2009. So basically, unless you saw this show in New York, right now Tuacahn is the only other place to see Broadway’s Little Mermaid. (I seriously didn’t know Tuacahn was that cool.)

If I were smart mama, I would have bought a Dixie Direct card for $25.00 and then saved myself 35% on the price of the tickets for a Monday through Thursday show. But now if you go, you can be smart instead.

At the risk of spoiling it for you, I’ll just tell you about a few of the special effects that guaranteed my four year old’s attention from start to finish. First, the show opens with water rushing down the waterfall that is the backdrop for the red rock amphitheatre. The water keeps rushing down until it completely *floods the stage–*and then enters Prince Eric’s ship. So cool.

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When the scene changes to under the sea, there is a wall of rain across the stage with scenes of ocean life shining through it.  The mermaids and fish glide across the stage on wheeled heeled footwear. For all the world, it looks as if they are swimming.

When Ariel saves Eric from drowning, the whole scene takes place with the actors suspended on ropes–swimming through the wall of rain to reach the ocean surface. And there are a ton of scenes in the air like that. It is a lot of fun to watch I tell you. A lot of fun.

But beyond the special effects, I really liked the story. I have seen the original movie version of The Little Mermaid about 300 times. To my complete surprise, this story was different. It had more songs, more internal struggles, and more heart than the movie I know too well. And it also had some nice twists at the end (that I am NOT going to spoil for you.)

I bought the tickets mainly because I wanted to watch my little four year old’s face. I didn’t expect to find myself caught up in the story. What a nice surprise.

So even though I did pay full price, I’m still feeling quite smart. My daughter and I made a sweet memory. We both liked Ariel’s blue dress best and thought Flounder was cute. We shared a frozen lemonade at intermission and stayed to watch the fireworks at the end. Each of these decisions, beginning with buying the tickets in the first place, were very smart.


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