The Greatest Reward

The Greatest Reward
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As the requisite end-of-school activities were winding down, I was looking forward to summer and the lazy evenings picnicking at parks or pools, a slower pace, and fewer activities. Have you found that at your house? Because it’s not at my house. Will somebody find it please, and send it toward the Rocky Mountains? We did a trip to Arches National Park in April, have had house guests the past two weekends and are going camping this weekend. Throw in the usual Memorial Day weekend activities of water balloons, inflatable pools and BBQs and it has been pretty busy!

And all of that makes me crave a road trip, if just for the time in the car on the way to the campground, to talk with each other, play silly games, and listen to good music. If we’re lucky enough that the kids fall asleep it’s a chance for Rob and I to actually talk and listen to each other about frivolous things like the latest music he’s found, or what I forgot to pack. I try to stay away from serious topics and pretend we’re on a lengthy vacation away from the real world. Of course it would be nice to not have the forgotten items to talk about, so that makes this week pretty busy. We have camping down to a process at our house because we love to do it. And our vehicle and its accessories are well suited for road trips.

Still, even the shortest and closest trips require a fair amount of planning (ask me about the time I forgot the kids’ pajamas, or the only warm clothes I packed were way

too small. Or the most recent time when I forgot E’s shoes because we scooped kids out of bed and into the car at 0:dark:30).  It will be another busy week, but onewith such a great reward.

The kids also look forward to these trips for my undivided attention. There is no work, email, phone, or neighbors to distract us, and only playing and exploring to accomplish. One of the reasons we chose this area to live is the multitude of outdoor activities as close as 45 minutes away. Tonight the plan is to restock the camping boxes with anything that’s been used up, or gone missing. And possibly bake these gems from The Brown Eyed Baker. Camping is such a great excuse to have roasted marshmallows for the fun, and a cookie for the convenience, all in one night! Tell me, do you like to camp?  If not camping, how does your family reward itself and recharge the batteries?