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Take A Trip Down The Coast With Me: 5 Must See Stops on Highway 1

Oh California, land of the majestic redwoods, rampant micro climates, and, of course, the legendary Highway 1.
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Why legendary? Well, I think it’s because it offers vistas and mysteries that go beyond anything that a person could discover on any single given trip down the coast.

So much of what makes the California Coast – and therefore the famous highway that hugs it – so tantalizing is knowing that every time you round a curve you might be gifted with the most beautiful sight you’ve ever seen… even if the last one you saw was just around the last bend in the road.

You could hop into a cherry red convertible and head down Highway 1, wind blowing in your hair all the way to discover your own hidden secrets, or you could hop onto Findery.com and take a virtual trip that will show you things you’d probably have never guessed you’d find.

Move the Findery map over to the California Coast, locate Highway 1, and start clicking on the notes. You can start at the top and work your way down or start at the bottom and work your way up, either way you’re guaranteed to discover some amazing spots like…

The Glass Beach in Fort Bragg

Bixby Bridge near Big Sur

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The coolest spot in the world to stop and eat a burrito.

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A pink beach

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And, of course, a tree you can drive through

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As you well know, the California Coast has so much more to offer. See a highlight of some of our favorite Coastal finds on Findery, , create your own account at Findery.com and start sharing your own secret coastal secrets, or stay tuned, we’ll be back soon to share more of finds with you!

Findery is now available both in theApple app storeand theAndroid Play Store. Download it today!