Sunday Funday: Bowling At Splitsville

Sunday, I decided to take the family bowling.
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My oldest son started kindergarten the next day, so I wanted to go do something fun and different. Bowling was the vote. I love bowling, but I hadn’t been in years.

We decided to try out Spiltsville in Allen. This is not like any bowling alley I’ve ever been too. So long are the days where you have to pass through clouds of smoke and plug your ears because the jukebox is playing a terrible favorite of someone else. And the food… don’t get me started. Instead, Splitsville is very family friendly. There are plasma TVs all over the place, simi private lanes, and a menu with a huge selection of food. When I say huge, I mean it. How many bowling alleys do you know that serve sushi?

The game was a bit embarrasing. Well, extremely embarrassing. My 2 year old beat me… twice. Yes, he did have the bumpers up, so I could take points away for that. I am more concerned with the fact that every time I was up to bowl, the floor seemed to shift slightly. My ball kept going toward the left. I know I rolled it straight, so there is some type of conspiracy. I need to look into that further.

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My kids had a blast and that is all that mattered. Bowling was exciting for them, but I got the impression that they were more excited to know that there was an Icee machine with not just 2, but 3 flavors.


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Mini Taco Bowls

Many parties will be taking place with the Super Bowl right around the corner (especially for those of us in Central PA!