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Summer Travel - Legoland Florida Opening The World of Chima

Made any summer travel plans yet? What criteria do you use? We've got Legoland Florida on our list. Hello, World of Chima!

My two-year old keeps wandering around the house, saying, "I'm going on a trip!" Funny thing, we haven't actually planned our big summer trip yet. We typically hit the Outer Banks, North Carolina with Grandpa and the cousins or stay local and enjoy the great state of Utah. This year we've been talking about finding a new place to visit.

Yesterday's announcement that Legoland Florida will be opening the new The World of Chima later this summer may have sealed the deal. The new Legends of Chima Lego products were recently launched along with a special feature-length movie on the Cartoon Network. My 5-year old asked me hourly if we could watch the series movie premiere, still weeks away at that point. Make note-another Legends of Chima special television event happens on March 27th.

Legoland Florida opened in 2011 and has already added a Water Park and now will have this expansion too. Officially, Legoland Florida is the largest Legoland theme park.

How do we decide where to travel? Here are just a few of our criteria-

  • Opportunities for memory making as a family
  • Wholesome entertainment options for ages 2-8
  • Quality of the facility
  • Budget-friendly options (travel packages, coupons, frequent-flyer friendly destinations)
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Seeing how every birthday and holiday in our house has been "built" around the various Lego themes, and we are a fairly Lego-obsessed family, I'm guessing we'll be making summer travel plans soon that include a brick-building toy destination.

How does your family decide where to travel? Where are you headed?

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Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my own as I'm just sharing the travel spots on my family's radar and have not be compensated to include any specific resorts.


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