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This is part of a series I am doing this summer on Staycation adventures.
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With gas prices high, I imagine many families will be looking for local outings where they can spend their money having fun and not on the gas it takes to get there.  Lots of fun adventures are right on our Dallas doorstep!

This weekend my kids and I attended The Pied Piper’s Magic at The Dallas Children’s Theater.  This was our first experience at the Dallas Children’s Theater, and we loved it!  As a family with a high value of creativity, outings like this are just what we’re looking for.  Exposing kids to the creativity of theater while offering stories that they will enjoy is the perfect blend to captivate their attention and draw them in to the magic of theater.

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The Pied Piper’s Magic is a beautifully written story by author/illustrator Steven Kellogg.  Peterkin, a traveling elf, receives a magic pipe from Elvabol, a lonely lady who would rather be left alone with her cat to wallow in her grumpiness than to interact with other humans.  After Peterkin discovers the magic of the pipe, he uses it to bring about happiness and healing which makes for a sweet storybook ending.  From a mom’s perspective, I loved how the theme of love was so delicately woven throughout the story.  It teaches kids that everyone has value, no matter how unlovable they may seem, and that when we choose to extend love to others, it is a powerful force that transforms even the most bitter of people.

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My kids absolutely loved the show.  They were captivated by the humor, the creativeness of the story, and the traveling elf himself, Peterkin.  Every time I glanced over, my 9 year old son had a smile on his face with his eyes fixed on the stage.  My 6 year old daughter loved the show as well as getting her playbook signed by all the actors afterward.  I think she was especially impressed to see a young girl not much older than her on the stage.

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I think the Dallas Children’s Theater is a perfect Staycation Destination.  It gets you out of the hot Texas air and exposes kids to creativity.  I love what Robyn Flatt, the Executive Artistic Director of Dallas Children’s Theater has to say…

“In a time of technology and increasing isolation, theater is an amazing resource for all ages.  It is imperative that we grasp its vital role in all our lives.  Theater and the arts provide a place to come together, to connect, to share, to belong.  Live theater is a unique gift for children and teens and families, a gift which will resonate in their lives from this time forward.”

The Pied Piper’s Magic runs now until July 17th.  For complete show times, click here.  Buy tickets to the show here.  Click here to see shows for the 2011-2012 season.

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Disclosure : I received complimentary tickets to the Dallas Children’s Theater in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Special thanks to Lisa for arranging our lovely time.

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