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Ski School at McIntyre Ski Area

One of the coolest things about Manchester, NH is the ski area in the middle of the city.
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Yes, smack in the middle of the largest city in the state. McIntyre Ski Area makes it super convenient and affordable to learn to ski and snowboard.

Last year my kids signed up for the Ski Club through their elementary school. The Ski Club offered slightly reduced lesson rates at McIntyre Ski Area and the ability for all kids in the club to be in lessons at the same time. This was completely awesome because it made carpooling so easy. Everyone was there at the same time already, so it wasn’t a big deal for one person in the neighborhood to take five or six kids each week (some of the more distant Ski Clubs bussed their students to McIntyre).

McIntyre also does a really great job reserving tables in the ski lodge for each school. Every Wednesday there were several tables clearly marked for families from our elementary school. It was so fun to hang out during the lessons and chat with the other parents. I got to know some new people that I absolutely love!

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If your school doesn’t offer a Ski Club, you won’t be left out in the cold (pun intended)! You can sign up for McIntyre’s Ski School on an individual basis too. Skiing and Snowboarding group lessons can start as early as ages 3-6 with the Little Macs Program.  School aged children are placed in the Mighty Macs program.  There are also private lessons available to would-be skiers and snowboarders of all ages. All classes are grouped by both age and ability. These programs fill up very quickly, and McIntyre is currently accepting applications.  You can download an application from the lessons page.

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If you just want some recreational skiing, snowboarding or tubing, that’s available too. At the end of the day, McIntyre is a gem, snuggled away in New Hampshire’s queen city. If you live in southern New Hampshire there is no better way to your winter sports experience.



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