Six Flags Is Fun For All Ages

Today my husband and I decided to take my boys to Six Flags for the first time.
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I was a little skeptical at first because I didn’t remember there being a whole lot for younger kids to do. I had not been there in 6 years, so my memory was a little fuzzy. We figured we would go ahead and go. If anything Landon, my 2 year old, would fall asleep and Aiden, 5, would be able to ride a few things.

When we arrived we decided to go for the season pass. Do we think we will be driving out to Arlington every weekend? No, but a season pass is only a few dollars more than a regular ticket, plus if you buy 4 season passes, you get free parking for a year. Parking is generally $15 or so. It doesn’t take a math person, which I am not, to realize what the better deal is.

As we entered the park, excitement was all over the faces of my boys. They were all decorated for Fright Fest and monsters were running rampant. Right when we walked in, zombies were waiting to welcome us.

We started at Looney Tunes Land. There was plenty for them to do there. The best thing that they had set up was a walk through Trick or Treat area. The kids were handed bags and walked through a winding line to each Looney Tunes character who handed them hand fulls of candy. The only issue I had was that I wish we did it later in the day. Do you know how difficult it is to keep kid hands out of candy bags? Pretty difficult. Once you give in, all you can think about (or all I could think about) is, “What is going to go on with their stomachs during a mildly fast ride?”.

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After Looney Tunes fun we took off around the rest of the park. I thought the boys could only ride a hand full of rides, but I was wrong. We rode ride after ride after ride. The secret height is 36 inches. Luckily Landon is right at that. He was able to ride the majority of the rides with either my husband or myself. Aiden is 43 inches, so there were a few more rides that he could go on. The scary ones, as he would say.

We arrived at the park right when it opened for the day and left at closing. There was so much to do. More than I remember. We rode rides, played games, and ate some of the fattiest food I have ever put in my mouth. The day ended with full tummies, heavy eyes, and two happy little boys who, by the way, got their hands on Superman and Batman capes.